5 Unique Student Organizations you didn’t know existed

The Center for Leadership, Service, and Involvement is a multifaceted, collaborative workspace that is designed to meet the specific needs of our over 270 student organization. These organizations reflect the diversity of Marquette students with everything from Club Sports to Greek Life and everything in between. Below are 5 unique student organizations you didn’t know existed.  

1) Capoeira Nagô Marquette (Capoeira) - Capoeira is a 500-year-old Afro-Brazilian dance-form used by captured slaves to express themselves and pass down traditions. It blends dance, acrobatics and martial arts elements into an experience which is utterly unique.


2) Classical Fencing Society (CFS) - On Guard! This club sport is dedicated to the history and practice of European swordplay. Are you prepared if the Black Pearl hits Lake Michigan? 


3) Club Waterski and Wakeboard - Are you the next Tommy Bartlett? 


4) Gamers’ Association at Marquette (GAM) - No, they’re not playing the new Call of Duty, these cats stick to board and card games. Who doesn’t love a good game of Candyland? 


5) Medieval Society at Marquette (Medieval) - ‘nuff said.


Student Organization Funding

Thus far this school year, MUSG has given student organization slightly less than $85,000!

$85,000, that is a lot of money. To put that in perspective, here are a few items that are valued around $85,000.


A Rolex GMT-Master II watch


A BMW Activehybrid 7


And finally, just about 83 shares of Google valued at $1,022.31 per share.

The point is, Marquette Student Government provides student organizations a valuable resource for funding that all student organizations should try to take advantage of. If an organization is interested in funding, there is an application process through the MUSG Student Organization Funding Committee. The next deadline for funding applications will be January 14, 2014.

Click here for more information about funding

The 5 W’s

Hey there! My name is Charlie Becker. I am a Program Assistant for 300+ student organizations at Marquette. My team and I created this page to open communication to all members of student groups. We hope this page will serve as both a fun and informative way to communicate about the happenings of student organizations around campus. The latter of this post will address the Who, What, Where, When and Whys’ of this page.  


1) Staff members of the office of student development. All posts will be signed  and youthe members of student organizations.


Posts will comprise of:

1) Important messages from our staff. (All messages will be initialed at the conclusion of the post)

2) The Achievements and happenings of your peers.

3) Reblogs of other Marquette affiliated happenings. 

4) Entertaining and lighthearted messages found elsewhere.

5) Any questions you may have for student-org staff or other student-org members. (Found in Gotta Question? section) 


The MU-volvment link, found here at www.tumbler.com/muactivites. All posts will be linked to the student org twitter as well. 


Throughout the school year. Depending on the week, anywhere from one to several posts will happen. 


Open communication via tumblr will provide for an enriched experience for everyone involved. Previously, there was no way to provide the from of communication unique to tumblr.  

- CB